2 tp rolls or one paper towel roll

markers (or paint) 

construction paper and/or pattern paper




Step One:

Cut the tp or paper towel rolls into 4 sections. Make one smaller than the others by trimming a bit off. (Save the trimmings!) 




Step Two:

Color the rolls with a marker or paint and put aside 



Step Three:

Choose a piece of construction paper for your wings and fold in half. 



Step Four:

Draw half of a wing shape. (make sure it is on the folded side) 



Step Five:

Cut out your shape 



Step Six:




Step Seven:

Cut out circle shapes. I used pattern paper  and one color of construction paper, but any colors work! 



Step Eight: 

Arrange circles on your wings and glue down. (Be sure to leave space in the middle for the body of the butterfly) 



Step Nine: 

Glue the rolls onto the middle of your butterfly. 



Step Ten:

Use those leftover scarps as antennae. Curl the top a bit. 



Step Eleven:

Glue the antenna on



Step 12:

Draw a face!


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