Blue watercolor paint (pan or tube) 

1 piece of watercolor paper (or other heavy paper) 

paper plate

paint brush



3-4 pieces of construction paper (any colors) 

Saran Wrap 

glue stick 


cup of water 


Step One: 

-Gather the watercolor paper, paintbrush and water. 

-Squeeze a small (half a dime or less) of blue watercolor paint on the paper plate 



Step Two: 

Dip your paintbrush in the water and paint your paper using only water, until it has a shine. 



Step Three: 

Add water to your blue paint that is on your paper plate. 




Step Four: 

Paint your paper all over with the blue paint. (This is called a wash.) Puddles are totally fine! You want a very wet surface. 



Step Five: 

Cut 2-3  squares of Saran Wrap 



Step Six: 

Stick the Saran Wrap to the wet painting, press down in some spots but do not smooth out completely. (The air bubbles are what makes a fun texture.) 



Step Seven; 

Repeat to cover most of the wet painting. 



Step Eight:


Let painting dry with Saran Wrap attached. 




Step Nine: 

When dry, remove Saran Wrap.


Admire the cool markings your Saran Wrap left behind!



Step Ten: 

Turn paper over and draw a fish bowl. (Shape is up to you!) 



Step Eleven: 

Cut out your bowl shape. 



Step Twelve: 

Choose one piece of Construction paper for your background. Choose another for your table. Cut the table piece of paper in half or thirds. 



Step Thirteen: 

-Glue the paper you are using for your table to the bottom half of your background paper.

– Glue your fishbowl on top. 



Step Fourteen: 

Draw and cut out goldfish shapes from a different color of construction paper. (You can have as many fish as you want in your bowl.) 



Step Fifteen: 

Draw and cut out a vase shape from another piece of construction paper. 



Step Sixteen:

Cut strips of paper into 4 -5 four inch inch strips of paper for flower stems. 




Step Seventeen: 

-Draw and cut out flower shapes. ( I did tulips. Any flower shapes work!)



Step Eighteen:

Assemble your still life and glue everything down. 


This project can be personalized as much as you like! Pattern paper is a fun alternative to some of the construction paper.

 I trimmed off the bottom and top of my construction paper because I liked the composition better. 

This would make a great  project to mail to family members and brighten their day. 🙂 

Please feel free to share your projects in the comments! 


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