This is a fun project that requires some adult assistance and supervision. 


paper plate 

paper for sail (I’m using pattern paper here) 

toilet paper tube



scissors (adult and child pictured here) 

popsicle stick or pencil 

Optional: paint, stickers, markers for decoration 



Step One: Cut the paper plate in half. (pretend this is more equal in size) 



Step Two: 

Put sides of plate together so that they make a pocket. 



Step Three: 

Staple or glue paper together. 



Step Four:

Trim off the bottom (round) part of the plates. 



(It will look like this) 




Step Five: Take your square piece of paper and glue it onto the craft stick like this. 


(Or onto the pencil like this) 



Step Six:

Poke a hole in the toilet paper tube about 1/4 away from the edge. (This is an adult job, made easier with big scissors) 



Step Seven:

Insert pencil os craft stick into toilet paper tube. 



Step Eight: 

Glue the sides of your toilet paper tube and such it into the paper plate pocket. 

You have a boat! Decorate it however you want. Its sea worthiness will depend on what kind of plate you used. That can be a fun science experiment for another day! 


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